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Press Releases

  • 20220128_170219510_iOS

    Winter Carlisle Auto Expo Canceled for 2023

    Tuesday, Dec 6, 2022

    Just announced, Carlisle Events regrets to announce the cancelation of the Winter Carlisle Auto Expo (January 27-2

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  • CE_CC_FunField_AW-2022_059

    An Early Look at Planned Special Displays for Corvettes at Carlisle 2023

    Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

    Corvettes at Carlisle 2023 may not be happening until August 24-26, but plans are underw

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  • CA_WL_Auction_MG-2020_096

    Carlisle Auctions Wraps Up a Stellar 2022 Season

    Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022

    The classic and collector car hobby is strong across the country, with each state and region having their own popular tast

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  • HolidaySale

    Holiday Sale Offers 20% Discount Starting November 25 - Never Pay Full Price for the Carlisle Car Show Fun

    Wednesday, Nov 9, 2022

    Do you enjoy a good discount?  How about the convenience being able to gift something you know someone special in your life enjoys?  Oh…a

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  • Carlisle-Team-at-SEMA

    Carlisle Events Honored at the 2023 SEMA Show – Named ARMO Business of the Year

    Thursday, Nov 3, 2022

    Annually in late October/early November, automotive businesses from around the world converge on the Las Vegas Convention Center f

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