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Press Releases

  • CE_TN_Showfield_AW-2022_149

    Record Setting Events are Becoming…a Broken Record at Carlisle in 2022

    Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022

    The Carlisle Truck Nationals presented by A&A Auto Stores has been taking place at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds

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  • CE_CC_FunField_AW-2021_027

    Corvettes at Carlisle Celebrates 40 Years August 25-27

    Wednesday, Jul 27, 2022

    For three days in August more Corvettes converge to one central location than anywhere else on the planet.  Corvettes

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  • BillThumb

    The Fall Carlisle Collector Car Auction Announces the Bill Miller Collection

    Wednesday, Jul 20, 2022

    Bill Miller, Jr. co-founded Carlisle Events in 1974.  While his name has been attached to America’s Automotive Hometown of Ca

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  • CE_TN_BigRigShowAndShine_AW-2021_044

    Looking for Work that Drives Your Passion - Truck Carriers Offering Jobs in 2022 at Carlisle

    Tuesday, Jul 19, 2022

    All roads lead to Carlisle!  That statement is supported by the many major roadways and just as many trucking companies that are part of the c

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  • CE_CN_Showfield_AW-2022_198

    Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Weekend Sets New Show Car Record

    Tuesday, Jul 19, 2022

    For years, Mopar enthusiasts have flocked to the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals and annual

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